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Saturday Night Fever

Saturday night is a good time to dance - and that's why the Colombian LA-33 will be conquering the stage to ensure that dancing will be happening!
At the beginning of the 21st Century, professional and self-taught musicians gathered to play Salsa and to party together. The half-hour documentary, Breve Historia de una Idea Sabrosa/A brief story about a tasty idea, which is about LA-33, can be found on youtube:

For those who are still wanting for an extra portion of Salsa after the concert on Saturday night, there'll be the chance to get some more of LA-33 at midnight on Sunday at the Latin Dance Nights @ Bollwerk.

P.S.: Our Bambi is arty tonight:


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Nattjazz in Norway

For 35 years, the Nattjazz-festival has been taking place in Norway.


11 days of festival started this wednesday: from the 25th of May till the 4th of July, more than a dozen bands from the contemporary jazz scene will be appearing.

My personal recommendation: Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus.
The complete programme can be found here.

P.S.: Our Bambi is hiding in Paris at the moment:


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Island hält die Royals nicht ab

Grimsvötn wird nicht einmal das schwedische Blaue Blut abhalten, kontemporären Jazz am Niederrhein zu hören:


Mit Dank von uns, übernommen von Dr. Pic.

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In front of the lens - Oliver Heisch

A festival photographer captures the festive days on image: on the one side he works in front of the stage, on the other, behind it.
During the concerts, he battles it out with other photographers in the trench infront of the stage, after the concerts, he lives his Moers privilege of having his own little photo-studio directly in the backstage area.  After their shows, he invites the musicians into his tent, in the circus tent, to take some photos of them in a more intimate atmosphere.
Since 2006, Oliver Heisch is responsible for this task.


For decades, Oliver Heisch has been a devotee of the festival. He used to camp in the park as a teenager and in 1996 he went to a concert by Maceo Parker and soaked in the sweaty atmosphere in the tent. Since then, Oliver is a regular participant of the musical happenings.

In his youth already, Oliver had figured out his work-related aims. Having grown up in Duisburg Rheinhausen, the local labour struggles awoke his political interest from which his later reference to Jazz developed. Oliver Heisch about this time (in german):

Marc Ribot

John Zorn & Ttukunak

Oliver Heisch about creating photos and finding "the" moment to trigger the camera (in german):

Cecil Taylor

Colin Stetson

More festival photographs available on our homepage,
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Not a band. And yet, indeed a band - The Golden Palominos

Palominos are a type of horse with a golden skin colour and The Golden Palominos is the musical project by the drummer and producer, Anton Fier.


At the beginning of the 1980s, Fier formed his first version of The Golden Palominos with John Zorn, Bill Laswell, Arto Lindsay, David Moss and Jamaaladeen Tacuma.
This original line-up, however, soon broke up and already in 1983, Tacuma was replaced by Fred Frith for a concert at the moers festival. In the following years, some further drastic fundamental changes were brought about and in 1996, he again found himself, solo with the speaker Nicole Blackman, on the album Dead Inside.

The only constant throughout the catalogue, which spans over 10 published works, is Anton Fier himself: he produces, plays the drums and is responsible for the musical designs.
Always in the forefront for The Golden Palominos is the production of albums. Between 1987 and 2010 they have not given a single concert. Last year, there was a live revival appearance in New York with the singer Syd Straw, who collaborated on the 1986 album This is how it feels:

Now, once again, there'll be the rare opportunity to hear The Golden Palominos live: Anton Fier will be bringing a songwriter line-up to Moers:

Anton Fier describing his latest project with his own words:

the golden palominos were never a "band" per se. they have always been a group of musicians brought together for a moreor less, specific purpose.. by me. the purpose this time, is to present the music of several of my current collaborators: kevn kinney (with who i am collaborating on the album, "a good country mile"), lianne smith (whose first solo record i am currently producing), tony scherr (whose trio i have been playing for the past several years), and jim campilongo (whose masterpiece,"orange" i had the privilege of producing), to new audiences for a series of june performances. joining me in the rhythm section will be bassist chris morrissey. these will not be nostalgia shows. we will play no music from the gp catalogue. all of the music is new....and alive....played by the best musicians i know.....who also happen to be my closest friends.

The Golden Palominos will be playing live on Sunday at the moers festival - without horses but with good music.

Kevn Kinney_g, voc, harm
Lianne Smith_g, voc
Tony Scherr_slide git, voc
Jim Campilongo_g
Chris Morrissey_b
Anton Fier_dr

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nimm! Is back in school!

Peter Flore, chief editor of, was at a school in Moers to take part in a discussion with youths about music journalism.


The complete article can be found on the Moers is the question blog.

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Igmar Thomas talks about the Cypher

Reiner Michalke, the artistic director of the moers festival, lately talked with the trumpeter Igmar Thomas from Igmar Thomas & The Cypher.
Reiner captured a moment of their meeting:

Igmar Thomas from moers_festival on Vimeo.

Igmar Thomas is organizing a weekly concert and jam-session in Harlem at the Club Creole. This Evolution Series is featured on The Pace Report:

Spearheaded and organized by Meghan Stebile and musician Igmar Thomas of Revive Music Group, the weekly Tuesday night jam sessions bring rock, soul, jazz, and hip-hop musicians that come to tighten their musical skills, but also serve a platform for musicians to network as well as keep the legacy of jazz music alive.
Get more information directly at Vimeo.

Igmar Thomas & The Cypher are going to play on saturday on the main stage.

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From small-scale to big-scale -  how a duo turned into a little Big Band:

little red suitcase.jpg

The duo-arrangement Little Red Suitcase, consisting of the vocalist Elena Setien and the pianist Johanna Borchert, plays through an array of multi-lingual chansons and queer sounds. In their little suitcase they have packed their instruments and set out on musical travels from Spain to Denmark.  Their concert activity has stretched from Scandinavia to the USA.

Little Red Suitcase - La vie est belle à Paris:

The Spanish Elena Setien and Johanna Borchert from Berlin broaden their sound-spaces in this duo formation by using a variety of additional instruments. This they have developed and led onto an ever wider course with a new project:
Little Red Big Bang is the ensemble-extension of their duo. Nine musicians play compositions by Setien and Borchert and the character of these compositions remind one of the playfulness of Little Red Suitcase, while at the same time they explore new possibilities in sound. Wind-dabbers emphasise the excentric vocals of Elena Setien and they allow for Johanna Borchert to surround them with the tones from the piano.

Little Red Big Bang - In a Butternutshell:

Soon Little Red Big Band's debut album will be released on Ilkmusic and up until then, you can hear samples of this mini-Big Band on Soundcloud.

Official myspace-page>>

Official homepage>>

Elena Setién_voc
Johanna Borchert_p
Jimmy Nygaard_tp
Kevin Christensen_tb
Jakob Munch_tuba
Jesper Løvdal_sax
Jeppe Højgaard_sax
Jonas Westergaard_b
Peter Bruun_dr

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Sonny Rollins? Jon Irabagon!

Some saxophonists name Sonny Rollins as their role model. And just like Rollins himself, the saxophonist Jon Irabagon likes to play in a trio: bass and drums support Irabagon in his reference to Rollins.
Not only on the cover of his current album, Foxy, does Irabagon lean towards his role-model Rollins:


His performance in Moers, too, is dedicated to Sonny Rollins and is based on Rollins' standard Doxy. During Irabagon's concerts, most people in the audience might find it difficult to see the references between the two sax players, but nevertheless, or rather, therefore, his energy is blown all the more powerfully into the tent.

The idea of a dedication to the album of a saxophon player did not appear out of nowhere. 2009 Irabagon played with the quartett Mostly other people do the killing a fascinating gig at the moers festival. Their programm was named This is our moosic and it refers to the Ornette Coleman's Quartet Album This is our music.

Jon Irabagon, at New York's Charlie Parker Place (you can see it in the video), talks about his work with Trio:

Jon Irabagon from moersfestival on Vimeo.

The Jon Irabagon Trio is going to play saturday at the moers festival's main stage.

Official homepage>>

Jon Irabagon_sax
Peter Brendler_b
Barry Altschul_dr

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nimm!-Project „Tomorrow is the question"

The moers festival is famous for its projects all around Whitsun: taking place will be the Avant-Moers-Concerts as well as the Avant-Moers-Workshops, whole-year-round musical entertainment in Moers by the Improvisor in Residence, and now there'll also be a school project engaged in media-oriented and journalistic education for 8th to 12th grade pupils. In Ornette-Coleman-Style the project is called Tomorrow is the question! and it's at home in the schools of Moers.


In the Tomorrow is the question blog you can hear all about the current projects and tasks.

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Gregory Büttner glows in the dark

After a couple of years of experimental work with visual impluses as well as sound and noise, Gregory Büttner founded the Label 1000Füssler (centipede).


Since 1999, Gregory finds and searches for sounds and images, which he assembles and from which he produces something new. He explains his innovative manner in a description about the coming-into-being of the piece Saturday Night:

„I live in Hamburg, St.Pauli, and my backyard borders the partystreet 'Reeperbahn'. So if I open the window on the weekend I can listen to a dense soundscape of drunken party people absorbed by the houses around my backyard. To create a contrast to this I produced a track of calm and stagnant sine tones. I played it at a saturday night on my open window and recorded it again with binaural microphones in my ears whilst I was leaning out of the window as far as I could. For a better dynamic I later mixed the original sine tone track on the same position to the record again."

Saturday Night from Gregory Büttner:

The curator of the Concerts in the dark, Till Kniola, describes his guest in the following way:

Gregory Büttner plays saturday and sunday Concerts in The Dark.

Official homepage>>

Label 1000Füssler>>

Official myspace>>

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