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When the lights go on on the main stage this week-end, the first to climb onto the planks of world importance won't be a musician, but a young woman called Hanna Bächer, the moderator of the concerts in the main tent.

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Hanna was kindly available for a little question and answer session:

How did it come about for you to be moderating at the moers festival?

I must've walked across the stage to organise something for the Moers Festival Radio when suddenly the lights went on.
As a sound technician, I thought, sure, while they're still organising the lights, I'll just help with the line check, and so I spoke into the microphone.
The next thing I knew, I was saying ''enjoy and have fun with...'' followed by the name of the next band.
And since then, I've been walking across the stage a bit more frequently, and ending my moderations with ''enjoy and have fun with...'', resolving to never say it again.
But I just can't stop saying it, it's like a spell!

What kind of musical background do you have?

I'm a sound technician and radio person, mainly a radio person these days.
From 2006 until 2009, I organised the Moers Festival Radio. You could say, that no-one really sees me while I talk, and I only stand on stages when I recoil cables or test microphones.
Very seldom do I organise concerts or musical presentations. I read and write about music culture and try to understand, what musicology is all about.
In a nutshell, I do a lot of little things that all have something to do with music.

What exactly is your job at the festival?

I make sounds, so that people notice that the show is about to carry on.
Apart from that, every year I try to figure out new ways of politely explaining to grown-ups that one either sits on a chair, or one doesn't - but a jacket alone cannot sit on a chair.
I'm still hoping to track down the ultimate formulation, without mutating into the type of person who shouts at cyclists for riding on the wrong side of the road. This canon of everyday values - to find out whether one should declare the maximum penalty of lifelong tester for the fieriness of curry-wurst sauces for the crime of cycling on the wrong side of the road or for leaving a jacket alone on a chair - occupies me a lot every year.

How do you prepare the audience for up-coming concerts?

At the end of the day, it's about the music, and not the announcements. That's why I'd rather say too little than too much.
If I do it well, it's enough to make the audience sharpen their ears, but not so much that my words stand in between the audience and the listening experience. Afterall, I speak before a performance, not after, so I want to spark curiosity, not influence anybody's opinions or perceptions.
And apart from that, I assume that the visitors at the moers festival are unbelievably informed. Most of them much more so than I might ever be.
Not the least because I'm younger than the festival itself. But also because, the more music I get to know, the more I realise, how much I still don't know. It's like the illusionary giant that doesn't get bigger once one gets closer.
If one still wants to think along genres in the year 2011, then I'm probably also from a more experimental corner, than having a jazz backround. The only thing to do is to keep on listening. For more information, I'd refer you to the following blog, for example.

What do you especially like about the moers festival?

Ok... again, I don't want to influence anybody's opinion, and seeing that I'll be moderating the festival, it might be a bit predictable if I say that the programme interests me... who would've thought...
But if you really want to know it, I don't need to exaggerate an inch, as one says...
Moers is what I want from a festival.
No running around between main event sites to see some 10-year reunion of a dusty old ex-headliner before which some agency put on stage whichever gap-fillers they just happened to have on offer for the spring, and having to look at the summer fashion live with a beer in my hand because I only latch on to 10 minutes of any concert anyway.
I want to be in a place which has a focus - if it has an atmosphere like a circus tent, all the better - and to experience something I have never heard before.
Something which is not the result of forced bookings, but rather something which someone has conceived of in a certain way, from beginning to end.
Unkown, unconventional, new stuff, appealing, noise, dance music, music that I find excessive, indifferent or annoying, and music which urges me to go outside because I cannot contain the inner turbulence and perfection it caused.
I would like the experience as a whole to widen my musical horizon so that it is unforgettable.
No check-list where I can tick off well-known things, not fulfilling any expectations, rather, something that challenges my expectations.
And that's exactly what Moers does

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