Alone, not lonely, yet very private: Hiviya Katan

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Japan often plays a role in Moers. Hiviya Katan from Tokyo will be appearing as an additional treat within the frame of the side-shows in the morning sessions:


Hiviya (last name) Katan (first name) is a one-of-a-kind singer-songwriter who rarely appears, or maybe "never" appears in the landscape of Japanese music scene. It would even be correct to say that also in the world arena, such a musician is rarely seen.

So much to his biography. More concerte comparisons are made to well-known guitar greats, comparisons which are yet again disclaimed:

He was once referred to as Jimi Hendrix for his guitar-playing by Kongsberg Jazz Festival but his singing goes far beyond the blues or rock 'n roll type of singers. With  truly original and creative lyrics, his songs fiercely see through various social dimensions of the society, often in a satirical and dark manner and at the same time capture different phases of human nature. His multi-colored rainbow voices would not be shaded by his often rapid strokes of very strong chord progression. To Hiviya Katan, the complexity of guitar playing, vocal work and lyrics all merge perfectly without a single compromise.

One of the endeavors of the morning sessions is to discover rare jewels:
Hiviya Katan solo, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 11am - 1pm, in the 'Pulverhäusschen', opposite from the 'Schloss' (castle), Kastell number 9.

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