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The cantine - a place of gathering and interpersonal communication. On normal working days in Moers, people spend their breaks and resting periods here and also during the moers festival, the cantine is one of the places where the 'calm' morning hours are spent.
In the Tribera, the Triangle below the Rathaus, free improvisation happens from Saturday until Monday, from 11am until 1pm. The line-ups are announced only shortly before the start of the concert and this spontaneity allows for exciting encounters.

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At the start of the morning sessions 2011, the cantine is well filled: eight musicians try to press and urge onto the stage and the audience stands are densely populated. Musicians from Iceland's New Liberation Orchestra encounter German improvisers.

At the beginning, the drum-set is the centre of power. Some musicians quietly produce sounds from their cymbals and tomtoms, which develops into an individual spiel of instruments which soon melts into a symbiosis of saxophone, trombone, piano, electronics, electronic guitar, flute, contrabass and drums, and surprisingly bursts into rhythmically fixated figures, thereupon loosing itself in electronic dabs, crescendi and hard edges.

Opinions from the audience are recorded here in a little collage:

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