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Two pupils, Fabienne Krüger und Fatih Kaba, got involved with the Klangorchester 2011 and wrote the following article:

What sounds like aliens having a party is, in fact, the Klangorchester 2011 in the Moers Music School. On the 10th of June, pupils from grades 5 and 6, as well as their instructors, among others Georg Wissel, had the opportunity to impress the audience before the main programme in the main tent.

With everyday items such as cardboard, plastic cups and tubes, the pupils created new instruments. During the performance of the piece ''Alienator'', one of the pupils, Kimberly, prompted the audience to close their eyes and imagine their own fantasy story, as this piece was about communication between humans and aliens.
The project-week, which took place from the 7th until the 10th of June, had the title ''sound experiments'', and it culminated in a one-hour final concert. Here, pupils could express their newly learnt musical skills. The result was an unusual kind of music to the normal ear. The proof, that music does not always have to consist of equal verses and a repeating refrain. For them, it was more often about the regular alternation of soft and loud tones.
The audience was very impressed and applauded enthusiastically, which quickly drove out the initial niggling nervousness of the participants. In closing, the professional musicians played a piece to thank the kids. But this time with normal, acoustic instruments such as the flute, the saxophone and the violin. The way they played was reminiscent of a musical dialogue. At the end, the audience and the musicians left the music school, content and in a good mood. The last words by Georg Wissel (improviser of one of the performed pieces): ''I am very pleased, that the pupils collaborated so diligently [...]''.

fatih fabienne, georg.JPG
Fatih, Fabienne and Georg while the interview is going on.
Georg Wissel, the leader of the Klangorchester, on his impressions of the concert (in German):

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