Pre-moers festival during the nights before Whitsun

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Usually, in a site trailer one works and lives... but sometimes, one makes music! nimm! the Network for Improvised Music in Moers organise(d) evening concerts with luminaries of international greatness: the sounds of Baby Dee, Phil Minton, Audrey Chen and Tom Smith have been resonating through the city of Moers at dusk for the last couple of nights.
Tonight the duo Circuitry & Poetry, Mona Jean Cedar together with Jeff Boynton will be appearing for the small audience:

cedar boynton.jpg

The duo from Los Angeles will be playing their German premiere tonight and will be presenting an encounter of Spoken Word poetry mixed with sign language and electronic sound worlds.

15 seats will be available on the 'Marktplatz', and entry to the concerts is free of charge. The start is at 9:45pm, just in time for sunset.

P.S.: Tomorrow night, the Portuguese fado-singer, Lula Pena, will be appearing. As a last appetiser before the start of the moers festival, this sound experience is not to be missed!

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